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Pain problems are very difficult, not just for the patient, but for their family as well. At Vanguard Interventional Pain Specialists, we combine medical expertise of the latest pain management techniques with an endless dedication to providing compassionate, personal care.


Neck Pain

Pain in the neck and shoulder that varies in intensity, and may feel achy or like an electric shock from the neck to the arm.

Back Pain

Physical discomfort occurring anywhere on the spine or back, ranging from mild to disabling. (Mayo Clinic)

  • Thoracic: Discomfort in the area of the spine between the base of the neck to the bottom of the ribcage.
  • Lumbar: A common, painful condition affecting the lower portion of the spine.
  • Sacral: Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain is felt in the low back and buttocks. The pain is caused by damage or injury to the joint between the spine and hip.

Post Laminectomy Pain Syndrome

Spine surgeons perform back surgery to reduce or eliminate chronic back or leg pain due to spinal nerve compression. Should surgery fail to achieve all of its desired outcomes, the result is known as PostLaminectomy Syndrome (sometimes called Failed Back Surgery).

Degenerative Disc Disease

Refers to a condition in which pain is caused from a damaged disc. Osteoarthritis of the spine, usually in the neck or lower back.

Degenerative Joint Disease or Osteoarthritis (OA)

A type of arthritis that occurs when flexible tissue at the ends of bones wears down.

Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN)

The most common complication of shingles. The condition affects nerve fibers and skin, causing burning pain that lasts long after the rash and blisters of shingles disappear.

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain (DPNP)

A type of nerve damage that can occur with diabetes.

Occipital Neuralgia

A distinct type of headache characterized by piercing, throbbing, or electric-shock-like chronic pain in the upper neck, back of the head, and behind the ears, usually on one side of the head.

Groin Pain

A muscle, tendon or ligament strain, particularly in athletes who play sports such as hockey, soccer and football.


A disease of the root of a nerve, such as from a pinched nerve or a tumor.

Arm Pain

Physical discomfort in any part of the arm.

Leg Pain

Physical discomfort in part or all of the leg that can vary in intensity.

Sciatic Pain

Pain radiating along the sciatic nerve, which runs down one or both legs from the lower back.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Weakness, numbness, and pain from nerve damage, usually in the hands and feet.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Chronic arm or leg pain developing after injury, surgery, stroke, or heart attack.

Phantom Limb Pain

After an amputation, you may feel pain in your missing limb.

Cancer Pain

Pain in cancer may arise from a tumor compressing or infiltrating nearby body parts; from treatments and diagnostic procedures; or from skin, nerve and other changes caused by a hormone imbalance or immune response.

Vertebral Compression Fracture

Occurs when one or more bones in the spine weaken and crumple.

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