It is our mission to identify the source of pain, give effective interventional treatments and help to set realistic goals, so that our patients can achieve the most functional and productive lifestyle possible. We try to provide cost effective care and minimize reliance on health care resources.


Use as little medication as possible!

Expecting medications alone to solve all chronic pain problems is unrealistic. “Pain killers” may temporarily help control pain, but they are not a cure and long term may have undesirable side effects. In the course of treatment, narcotic therapy may be necessary and will be monitored and optimized as treatment progresses. We will combine appropriate interventional techniques to help you control your pain.


Interventional pain management involves special procedures to treat and manage pain. These procedures are typically provided under fluoroscopy with an injection of an anesthetic or steroid around nerves, tendons, joints, muscles.


We also perform procedures such as spinal cord stimulation, insertion of a drug therapy delivery system, or a procedure with radio frequency ablation that stops a nerve from transmitting pain signals.


Interventional pain services could also be used for diagnostic purposes to locate the source of pain. Diagnostic procedures can also determine whether surgery is necessary.

Pain relief is within reach. Schedule your appointment today!
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